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Management Update: January 2020

KOO Bar Westhoughton / Management Update: January 2020

Management Update: January 2020

If you’ve been to KOO in the last couple of months since we took over in November 2019, hopefully you’ve started to see some improvements! We’ve looked to identify a few urgent issues that we ourselves as customers had noticed in the bar. Namely:

  • Toilet Cleanliness – We have introduced hourly checks/cleans of the toilet to ensure it is as clean as it can be whilst we get the upstairs renovated with the new toilets in. We have fixed the very battered toilet door and got a much larger bin.
  • Mirror – One thing many people mentioned was that there was no mirror in the bar, we have now installed a full length mirror near the toilet.
  • Opening Hours – We now have set opening hours published on the website, our Facebook page and on the wall outside of KOO. This was a particular annoyance to ourselves where the bar would previously randomly open and shut based on how many people were in instead of having set hours.
  • Pub Watch – We have joined the Pub Watch scheme in Westhoughton so we can keep as much anti-social behaviour as possible out of the premises.
  • Drink Selection – We have worked to increase the size of our menu and also balance it, previously around 70% of our spirits were gins, we are working to improve our range of Vodkas, Rums and Whiskeys with new premium ranges also now available.
  • New Cocktails – We had noticed ourselves that the cocktail menu was a little stale, nothing ever seemed to change on it which isn’t great for a cocktail bar. We have trialled new cocktails each week as specials recently and have now added 3 new cocktails to the menu full time, including Sex On The Beach, Mai Tai & Old Fashioned. Look out for more weekly specials and more additions to the menu.
  • Customer Service – This is a major part of any bar, we want to ensure all of our staff are friendly, approachable and helpful. We have had staff training sessions to ensure this is the case and hopefully you have noticed the table service (other than at busy times), much quicker glass collection and table cleaning happening recently. If you have any issues with a staff member please feel free to contact us on Facebook or via the website contact form.

Finally, work will be commencing imminently on the upstairs, we have builders in place and are looking like we will be launching around February/March 2020 with the new space and new toilets.